Senior Services important to many

Published 9:39 am Thursday, February 25, 2016

County leaders and legislatures received a treat on Valentine’s Day to thank them for their funding and support of Davie Senior Services.

Some of the senior center participants filled out valentines letting them know what Senior Services means to them.

Some of the responses were:

• “Getting to meet people, make friends, parties, movies – things I wouldn’t be able to do at home.”

  “This Senior Center Rocks!”

• “A place to stay healthy with a good, warm feeling.”

• “A true blessing for our county.”

• “As a senior living alone, the center provides fellowship, entertainment, learning opportunities and assistance with various needs.”

• “I lost my husband and this center has been an outlet that has helped me much.”

• “Fellowship and fun in a safe, beautiful environment.”

• “This facility is a godsend.”

• “A place to socialize and have fun, especially on a fixed income.”

• “Thank you for the fun, fellowship, activities and events offered by the best Senior Center in the State.  We are very lucky to have this Center.”

A total of 105 Valentines were mailed to Sen. Andrew Brock and Rep. Julia Howard. An additional 125 were given to county commissioners and County Manager Mike Ruffin.

According to Kim Shuskey, senior services director: “Federal, state and local funding is vital to our ongoing programs and allows our seniors to participate in free or low cost affordable activities and access needed services. This special Valentine event shows the seniors’ appreciation for the support given to our senior center and other senior services programs.”

Last year almost 3,000 people participated in programs or received services offered by Davie Senior Services. There were 95,465 visits to the center or units of service received.

“We appreciate our legislators and county leaders continued support of our programs to help make that possible, and invite them to come at any time to see first-hand the difference that Senior Services makes in people’s lives.”

This’ project was part of a statewide thank you from the many seniors that are touched by senior centers, and was in partnership with the N.C. Senior Center Alliance, whose goal is to give one voice to senior centers.

For more information about Davie Senior Services, contact the main office at the Bobby H. Knight Senior Services Building, 278 Meroney St., Mocksville, or call 753-6230.