Man arrested after threatening to kill officers

Published 9:32 am Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cyrano Allison isn’t afraid to fight. Just ask the Davie County Sheriff’s officers who went to the scene of a disturbance on Gladstone Road on Nov. 4.

“He was yelling and cursing,” said Sheriff’s Chief J.D. Hartman. “He became irate … ripped off his shirt and said he wasn’t afraid to fight … that he didn’t mind fighting the police.”

Apparently, Allison had taken his girlfriend’s car from the Cooleemee Shopping Center parking lot and driven it to the location on Gladstone Road. She had found the car and was trying to leave.

Allison kept telling officers it was his car, that he had paid for it, but the car’s title was in his girlfriend’s name so it was hers, they tried to tell him.

Allison, 44, of Northridge Court in Mocksville, disagreed.

As officers got her into the car and encouraged her to leave, Allison became more agitated, Hartman said. Officers took him to the ground in an effort to arrest him, and Allison continued to fight.

He was taken to the Davie Detention Center for a video bond hearing and upon learning that he was receiving a secured bond, became more aggressive, Hartman said.

“He lost his temper and smashed the fingerprint computer system.” They finally got him into a cell, and he continued to threaten officers and damage property, Hartman said. Officers threatened to put him into a restraint chair if he didn’t calm down. “He tried to tear the cell up. He said we would have to kill him or he would kill us.”

Officers used a Taser on Allison, and he remained in the restraint chair for about an hour and a half before calming down, Hartman said. The suspect threatened each officer, saying he would remember them, it might be 20 years from now, but he would come back and get them.

Allison was charged with damaging government computers, injury to property, assault on a government official, being intoxicated  and disruptive, communicating threats and resisting officers. His bond was set at $60,000.