Volunteers spruce up Cornatzer

Published 9:59 am Thursday, August 6, 2015

By Dr. Cinde Rinn

Special to the Enterprise

It is easy to bemoan budget shortfalls and limited school support, but 39 volunteers recently donned work clothes, rolled up their sleeves and met needs head-on with tangible and transformational support.

In an extraordinary effort, Calvary West Baptist Church members and friends under the guidance of John and Ann Loffredo adopted Cornatzer Elementary as a “Community Serve” location.

Responding to John’s call for support and armed with a sense of call to serve the community, volunteers donated two days and evenings of sweat, expertise and hard work.  Ages blended from very young to far more mature.

Members painted, decorated, pulled weeds, shoveled mulch, trimmed shrubs, cut down trees, collated reading materials, and pressure washed outdoor benches.

Diverse projects inside and outside the school attest to these hard-working servants being models of generous and caring support.

Ignoring rain and pesky mosquitos, workers donated vacation days to tackle a long list of school renewal projects.  Change emerged as truckloads of yard trash were dumped, halls painted, flowers placed, old pictures removed, lunches shared, prayers offered and windows washed. Bathrooms were painted and decorated; border stones were installed to finish a handicapped accessible garden and sidewalks and covered walkways were cleaned.

When staff and students return, bright purple front doors, a project of Larry Bridgewater, will greet them along with brighter halls and an entrance cleared of overgrown shrubs. A reorganized work room and goodie bags will welcome teachers.

Projects reflect the planning and selfless determination of John Loffredo to make a positive difference in the community. Most important, the herculean support for Cornatzer Elementary represents love of children and determination to create a better quality of life for our community.

Thanks, Calvary.

Rinn is principal at Cornatzer Elementary.