County upgrading online access

Published 8:30 am Thursday, April 9, 2015

Each April, counties dedicate a month to raising public awareness of local government services and the roles and responsibilities of county offices.

Davie County is participating in National County Government Month in hopes of making residents more aware of what their local county government provides.

One of the first steps Davie County is taking to reach the public is by implementing several communications efforts that are intended to begin a dialogue between local government and the residents they serve.

The county launched local government Facebook and Twitter pages. In addition, the county launched its first e-newsletter, the County Connection, on March 31 and plans to distribute this electronic communication via email on a monthly basis. The enewsletter will be housed on the county’s website and residents are encouraged to subscribe to this communication tool.

“We are excited to begin a conversation with residents in our community via these new methods. Davie County government provides so much for this community and it is our responsibility to share that with the community. We also want to establish lines of communication with our residents so they can let us know what they need and how we can serve them better,” said County Manager Mike Ruffin.

“National Local Government Month presents us with the perfect opportunity to launch these efforts and show how Davie County government resources are a key component to making our community healthy, vibrant and safe,” said Ruffin.

The county will not only rely on electronic methods to share news.

“Whether you’re in Mocksville, Advance, Cooleemee, or anywhere in between – it is vitally important that we do an effective job in reaching residents in their individual locations.We will continue to partner with local print sources and work harder to make sure residents are informed.”

As the county begins these efforts, interested parties are encouraged to join the county on Facebook at Davie County Government and on Twitter at DCgovt. The newsletter can be subscribed to by visiting and clicking the Subscribe link on the left of the web page.

For more information, contact the manager’s office at 753-6001 or