Lee Rollins a friend of Scouting

Published 9:03 am Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lee Rollins knows the Boy Scout creed.

Although not a Scout, he lives it, and last week, the Mocksville resident and Bermuda Run manager was presented the Friend of Scouting award from the Boy Scouts of America Old North State Council.

Terry Bralley talked about Rollins for a few minutes at the breakfast fund-raising ceremony at Mocksville First Methodist Family Life Center.

He said Rollins is trustworthy, good to his word, fair, a good communicator and is flexible, willing to listen to others’ opinions.

Bralley also said that Rollins knows how to delegate, which teaches others how to be leaders.

“He’s well regarded and has a vision and purpose of what he wants to see done in the community,” Bralley said. “He leads by example, being consistent. He also gives praise, which is a good motivator.”

But he’s not a know it all, Bralley said. Rollins isn’t afraid to ask for help when he doesn’t know an answer.

“He has always led this county in a great way. He’s one of the best men I know,” Bralley said.

Rollins said he was “honored and humbled” by the award. He deflected his comments toward the audience, that included many former Scouts and Scout leaders.

“The leaders are the ones I’m looking at now,” Rollins said. “Thank you for what you do for the boys and girls in Scouting. I do not believe there is another organization that has a greater positive implact on the boys and girls of Davie County.”

Bralley agreed. “Boy Scouts makes men better men. What a great job you’re doing.”

The Old North State Council has two paid employees, and reaches some 9,000 boys in an eight-county region. It relies on donations. Approximately $250 is spent on every Scout in Davie County, said Jeff Allen.

“This program works. It’s been working for over 105 years,” said Bill Goebel, Old North State Council president. “It’s the only organization that requires an oath … as boys go through Scouting, they learn the meaning of that oath and how to live. I love Boy Scouting. It’s my passion.”

To learn more or how to donate, visit www.bsaonsc.org or call 336-378-9166.