Pro Refrigeration On Track For Job Forecast

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 25, 2014

After being in their new North Carolina facility for nearly one year, Pro Refrigeration is making good on its promise of being at full production on the east coast in Mocksville.

The company, based in Auburn, Wash., is a leading manufacturer of process glycol chiller systems for markets including the dairy, craft brewery, winery, distillery and food processing industries. Due to a tripling of production over the past three years, the expansion of the company to include an east coast presence was the logical next step.

“In our Washington facility, we employ approximately 50.


Due to the growth we have experienced since establishing more than 22 years ago, we recognized this opportunity that will ultimately allow us to increase our capacity to serve current customers, as well as reach new and targeted markets, now located on the east coast,” said Pro’s CEO, Jim VanderGiessen,Jr.

The company is well on its way to providing jobs to nearly 60 in the east coast facility.

“This is an opportunity to build awareness for Pro Refrigeration that will truly make our company coast-to-coast. We have no plans to decrease the output and production from our headquarters in Washington, and nearly all of the jobs available in our east coast facility will be filled from the Triad region of North Carolina,” VanderGiessen said.

Adding an East Coast Production Facility marks the biggest move for Pro Refrigeration in its two decade history. Company officials are excited about the new opportunities this expansion will deliver, but also for the Triad region of North Carolina. Not only will the new facility enable Pro to increase production but expand current product offerings to meet growing customer’s needs.

The newest addition to the product line that will be manufactured exclusively in Mocksville is the Revolution Series Packaged Air Cooled Chiller System. It is the company’s largest packaged system for applications requiring over 200 HP capacity, with a cooling capacity up to 1,700,000 BTU/HR.

“Pro is committed to building the manufacturing sector of North Carolina’s workforce. This has proven to be a win-win for both our company and the communities that are supplying our workforce needs as they are skilled and understand what it means to be business friendly,” he said.