Mother Turns Poetic At Start Of School

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 16, 2013

Who knew mothers could look forward to the first day of school with this kind of enthusiasm? Brandi Phillips of Farmington Road was so overcome with the anticipation of the moment that she broke into verse.
She had a Shakespeare moment, penning seven verses about the moment her babies will be back in the classroom, and she will have a few hours of peace and quiet.
“This was written the night before the first day of school,” she wrote.
School teachers have taken a beating from the General Assembly and Governor Pat McCrory during the summer months as the legislature prepared its budget for the new year.  Not enough of them have school-aged children. Based on Brandi Phillips’ sentiments, she would have given the school teachers fat bonuses instead of the poke in the eye they got from the legislature.
Here is the poem she sent us:

Twas’ the night before school…
past 9 o’clock
My kids are still awake
And I’m folding socks…

Oh, the anticipation
and the excitement nears
for this stay at home mommy
that needs a few beers.

Go to bed!, I holler
You need to get to sleep
You are going to be tired in the morning
I don’t want to hear a peep!

Writing names on supplies
Is everything packed?
My son comes up the hallway struttin’
Hollister on his back.

How does this look?
The other shorts in the dryer?
How is my hair?…
Can it stick up any higher?

Lining up the bookbags…
there are 4 in a row
Ironing the little school clothes
With the cute little bows.

Tomorrow starts my vacation.
Well deserved I must say..
I never thought I would say this
Come on MONDAY!!!!

“For all of those mommies that know what I am talking about! Happy Vacation! she wrote.
Indeed, the buses are running again. We have to …