Hitchhikers Make Disturbing Promise

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 26, 2012

Three unshaven, bedraggled hitchhikers standing at the Interstate 40 ramp in Clemmons last week eased the first fear on my mind with a sign they were holding: “Won’t Kill You.” They didn’t ease the second concern: Rank body odor. Following a long-standing personal policy, I didn’t slow down, but I was amused.

Mocksville Police
Needs A Review

Finally, somebody is talking about the problems within the Mocksville Police Department. Unfortunately, they are all lawyers.
Three veteran, decorated police officers fired in December have now filed a lawsuit against the Town of Mocksville and Police Chief Robert Cook citing a laundry list of claims: Impersonating an officer, drinking on duty, misappropriating funds, labor law violations and inappropriate racial talk.
The town has a retained a battery of lawyers to defend against the lawsuit, as it should. But it must also be concerned about whether the claims have any merit.
To do that the town board should ask District Attorney Garry Frank for an independent review, much the way former Sheriff Allen Whitaker did when a labor law complaint was filed against his administration.
Whistle-blowers or trouble-makers? The town board owes it to the taxpayers, who will be footing the hefty legal bills, to make sure they know the answer to that question. Lawsuits can drag on for years.
“The truth will come out,” promised town attorney Hank Van Hoy last week. The sooner, the better for the town.

Popular Chickens
Moving To The City

Owning a few chickens is the new “thing” for homeowners wanting to mix the farm life with suburbia. Even Winston-Salem is considering amending its rules to allow city residents to join the latest trend in back-to-the-farm.
Tractor Supply stores offer more than 40 breeds of hens. The company has predicted that chicken ownership will double in the next year. Just like picking a new car, pullets can be purchased in …