8 Arrested, 2 Hurt: Comments On Social Media After Fatal Car Wreck Blamed

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eight Davie young people are being arrested, and two others suffered injuries after “racial and disgusting” comments were made on Facebook and text messages.
It all started after two teens, Kenyatta Maleek Brand, 18, and James Michael Lewis, 17, died in a car wreck on Country Lane on June 16.
“This incident is an ongoing situation, where both sides have been name calling, harassing and communicating threats to one another by means of texting and Facebook,” said Mocksville Police Detective Jerry Medlin. “The incident was a culmination of this activity and was the result of high tempers and emotions.”
Medlin said that two 15-year-olds said they were taken to Campbell Road and Holman Street against their will on Sunday, July 17, where they were beaten by several people. One chased them with a knife, they said.
Police arrived, and suspects denied any wrongdoing. The victims went to Magistrate Kevin Hendrix the following Monday, and the investigation started.
The 15 year olds are white, and seven of the eight suspects are black or bi-racial, Medlin said. He talked to both victims and their parents …