A 4th Grandchild; Chloe Mary Sparks

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 11, 2011

LEESBURG, Va. — There’s a reason why young adults have the babies. We more mature folks need our sleep.
I am a grandfather yet again, now with four. Grandfathers can play for a few hours with the tots, build train tracks, read books and entertain. But we leave the messier — and nighttime — parts of child rearing to the parents.
An infant, Chloe Mary Sparks, was born June 30 in Inova Loudoun Hospital to Paul and Susan Delaney Sparks of Round Hill, Va. Mother and father are extremely sleep deprived at last report.
Chloe Mary bears the name of her late grandmother, which pleases me a lot.
Elizabeth and I rushed northward on Interstate 81 to be there in time for the birth. We had nap duty for little Cayden back at the house, our first time handling that delicate responsibility with her. We performed like old pros. I had previously equipped Cayden, 3, with a cowboy hat. This time I brought her a black pony — in the form of a stick horse. We galloped our imaginary steeds about the neighborhood like fools until she was worn slap-dab out. Me too.
The other grandparents, Charles and Becky Delaney of Advance, volunteered to handle nighttime duty for Cayden while the parents were still at the hospital. Elizabeth and I didn’t fight them over that.
As much as I was delighted to meet little Chloe Mary, I was glad to get back home. I was tired.

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